Every people can be in Every situation. Notaries can provide the paperwork for, and sign, affidavits. Notaries can sign visa paperwork and notaries can serve as legal witnesses at different kinds of transactions.
If you’re searching a notary public to get that notary seal or notarization, look no further. Give us a call and let us know about the situation. We can also answer general notary questions, in order to figure out exactly what notary signing services are right for you. We are conveniently located in Mississauga, ON

Real Estate

Our Real Estate team provides experienced, qualified and friendly legal services at the affordable price.

Somal Law Office serving a wide variety of experienced, qualified and legal business and individuals services in real estate transactions throughout Ontario. Our professional services cover residential purchase and sale transactions, real estate development, strata property law and real estate finance and investment.

We pleased to propose an affordable price for standard residential real estate transactions. Call us for a fee quote for your next purchase or sale 905.673.5777.

Family Law

Family life has its share of challenges and issues, in addition as its own set of legal queries and solutions. Whether or not you’re near to wed, already married, in a very marital status or in a very common law relationship, it’s necessary to understand and understand your rights — and people of your kid — before, throughout and at the tip of a relationship. Once it involves your family and patrimony, reliance upon competent and conscientious professionals is preponderant.

Recognized for the excellence of its work, our Family Law Team understands that your state of affairs goes way on the far side the law. Its customized approach permits it to spot your wants and to advise you on the accessible avenues for safeguarding your rights and interests.

Our lawyers have intensive expertise with helping people concerned within the breakdown of a wedding or nuclear family. We have a tendency to appreciate that’s an extremely trying time and might be sophisticated, relying upon the circumstances of the parties. Our team has handled many files of a domestic nature, and that we square measure equipped to touch upon advanced and delicate matters in an efficient manner.

It is our philosophy to counsel our shoppers try to reach an unhostile answer of the problems at issue wherever attainable while not the intervention of the courts. However, typically a court look can’t be avoided as a result of one party isn’t ready to barter moderately, thus negotiation isn’t a viable various.


Somal Law Office offers a legal service for folks seeking immigration or Work Permit facilities in Canada.

We have an exceedingly skilled team of professionals waiting to service your needs. We have a good experience practice for Immigration which has brought thousands of families into Canada.

Immigration Programs:

  • Investor Immigration Program processed under 10months approx
  • Self-Employed including Farm Owners, Athletes, Artists etc
  • Skilled Workers, Work Permits, Arranged Employment Opinions
  • Business Visa / US Visa, Sponsorships, Visitor Visas invitations
  • Permanent Residency – Citizenship, PR Card
  • Refugee and Federal Court Appeals

Wills Affidavit

Deciding what is going to happen to your home, your financial assets, and your personal possessions once you’re passing are often a tough method. However, if you don’t take the time to form these selections currently, a court might find yourself dividing your property for you.

Instead of going away such vital selections to the courts, get the help you wish to create wise selections regarding your estate by speaking with an attorney.

Power of Attorney

A properly written can is important for a decent estate arrange. Over the years, our team has developed experience in serving to purchasers prepare sound and effective estate coming up with. For your estate progressing to be effective, recommendation mustn’t be restricted simply from your lawyers. A knowledgeable banker, monetary planner, agent and controller square measure equally as vital. The approach is multi-disciplined and a knowledgeable shopper is that the best begin to a decent estate arrange.

We have acted for variety of clients within the preparation of their Wills and Powers of lawyer. We’ve conjointly assisted many consumers and their estates with the administration of estates at the acceptable time


A divorce will be a comparatively straightforward matter on the face of it, or it will be an advanced, troublesome ordeal with several matters regarding kid custody and support to be figured out.

Call us at 905.673.5777 to get help from our real estate lawyers in Ontario today.

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